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[6.22] Suspicions (in the shuttle bay)

Data is alone in the shuttlebay, working. Lately, he has been rather uninformed in regards to recent events aboard the Enterprise.

But that is not his job. He is simply trying to carry out his orders.

He was there for the experimental test run of the metaphasic shield, which failed, which resulted in the death of a respected Takaran scientist named Jo'Bril.

He took part in inspecting the modified shuttlecraft afterwards, and determined along with Geordi that there had been no malfunction.

He heard that the Ferengi scientist who developed the technology had apparently committed suicide.

The most recent news was that Dr. Crusher, who had gathered the scientists and organized the demonstration, had been relieved of duty for performing an unauthorized autopsy on Dr. Reyga's body.

Which is why Data is surprised to hear her voice as she walks into the shuttle bay.

"What are you doing, Data?" she asks, entering the shuttle in which he is currently running scans.

Still working, he explains, "I am running additional diagnostics to make certain there was no permanent radiation damage to the shuttlecraft hull."

He does not have to look at her to know that she is displaying symptoms of anxiety. It is apparent in certain frequencies that he is detecting in her vocal patterns. "You've studied Dr. Reyga's shield system. Do you think it could have been sabotaged?"

"There was no evidence to support sabotage," he tells her.

"Just… consider the possibility."

Only now does he turn to look at her. "The system interlocks prevent access to the circuitry, unless the shield emitter is active. Any attempt to sabotage the device would have to be made while the shield is in operation."

She sits down. "The only time the shield was active was during Jo'Bril's test flight."

"That is correct." He adds, "It seems unlikely that Jo'Bril would perform sabotage that would result in his own death."

"I agree." Dr. Crusher seems to be thinking about it. "Would it be possible to sabotage the shuttle by remote during the flight?"

Data knows that this is important to her. He considers the possibility.

His answer is honest, automatic. "A phase dionic pulse beamed directly into the metaphasic projection matrix would result in a temporary system malfunction."

"Where on the Enterprise could you generate a phase dionic pulse?"

"Such a pulse could be initiated from the lateral sensor array, science labs 1, 4, and 16, or any of the bridge science stations."

"Let's assume for the moment that someone did send out a phase dionic pulse. What would have happened inside the shuttle?"

"A tetryon field would be formed briefly inside the cabin, temporarily disrupting the metaphasic shield."

"A tetryon field…" Dr. Crusher is no longer looking at Data. He notes that her voice has resumed its normal stability. "If Jo'Bril was exposed to a tetryon field, it might have left residual traces in his tissue." She even smiles a little, before getting up to leave. "Thanks, Data."

Data watches her go. He is not certain what she is going to do with the information, but he is able to formulate a few theories.

If he were anyone else, he might be… worried.
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